Fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind. Your
fear is mostly about what’s going to happen tomorrow. That means your fear is
always about that which does not exist. And if your fear is about the non-existent,
your fear is 100% imaginary. And this is termed as ‘insanity’.
Fear can be one of the biggest inner roadblocks in your spiritual path, if not treated
correctly. When you run from fear and take false refuge, you miss being in the very
place where genuine healing and peace are possible. So if you want to eliminate your
fears you need to first learn to work with them. You should first move into your fears
and try to explore its various layers of your body and mind.
The best way to explore your fears is through Meditation. It is a journey through the
layers of your psyche. As you move deeper, you’ll travel past the fairly superficial
level of your conscious mind—with its mental chatter, problem-solving tendencies,
and the like. You’ll also encounter your subconscious, with its insights, feelings of
blissfulness, waves of irritation, volcanic pits of anger, or swamps of sadness.
Sadness is interconnected with your fears. Whenever you think about anything that
makes you afraid or fearful, you are bound to become sad the very next moment.
When you are fearful, you will not have a sense of abandon. You can’t sing, you can’t
dance, you can’t laugh, you can’t cry, you can’t do anything that is life. You can only
sit here and grieve about life and all the risks of life. Hence, it is really important to
abandon and overcome your fears.
By following these five steps, you can mindfully befriend and conquer your fears on
and off your Yoga Mat:
1. Identify your Fears
The preliminary step to overcome your fear is to identify it, and even write it
down. While noting them down, also note your physical reactions to them.
Unravel the roots of your fears and discover exactly what you are afraid of!
Writing dissipates your fears and anxiety by itself.

2. Evaluate and Analyse
Once you have a list of your fears and the things that trigger them,
contemplate and evaluate each one. Check and analyze whether the fear is
irrational, or justifiable. Also, think if you can overcome the fear with your
current abilities and the effort which would be required to pacify it.

3. Create a plan and Visualize success
Once you have assessed the fear which you are willing to conquer, next is to
prepare a plan on how to skillfully and consciously make progress on
overcoming it. Visualizing yourself doing the steps in your plan will prepare
and train your body and mind for success.

4. Strengthen your Yoga practice
Through this process of conquering your fears, keep your yoga and meditation
practice strong to maintain calm, focused and centered mind. Practicing Yoga
regularly will build an inner strength and will help you follow your plan to face
your fears.
Pay attention to your breath and practice breathing exercises and meditation
to keep you focused, calm and sorted.

5. Take Action
The last step in this process is to take an action – just face your fear! If you
follow the above steps, you will feel that your fears have begun to diminish.
Remember to take things slow, honor your feelings, and conjure up your
bravery, willpower and confidence.

Once you master fear on your Yoga Mat you can then take these same
techniques to conquer fear, worry and anxiety in the world around you.