Living with the daily realities of life, in a world with a growing insensitivity to others,
can be stressful. If you are an active and interactive reader – newspaper, blog, or on
any social media platform, you might very well know that the world has become an
extremely dangerous place to live in! This often ends you making upset, sad and hurt
at the activities going around you, ultimately leading to stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

But, what if you find an alternative to deal with it? May be a substitute that would
diminish your growing stress towards it. More importantly, what if you could take
control of the alternative, guide it to what you wanted and truly needed?

You can achieve this if you embrace the world and the living ‘from your heart’
mindset. The heart is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence. It helps
us to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity, and enhanced intuitive
capacities. Medically and scientifically, it is said that our heart is surrounded by a
field of energy that extends out about five to eight feet. This heart field extends on the
physical and quantum level. This understanding is fundamental to why it’s important
to keep your energy field and body in harmony. The dis-harmony in your energy field
will cause dis–ease in your body. Since your Yoga practice is a reflection of your life,
if your energy field is out of balance, your body will be out of balance.

It is highly recommended to consider the energy of your heart and brain while you
practice Yoga. Practice some of the heart opening Yoga postures for keeping your
heart fit, balanced and healthy. You can try practicing “Bhakti Yoga” which strives to
reach a state of essence i.e. ‘Rasa’ wherein a feeling of pure bliss achieved in the
devotional surrender to the Divine.
1. Take the essence of the practice and begin to apply it to your own life.
2. Remind yourself that life is interconnected.
3. We are not separate. Life flows through our lives with ourself and others.
4. Yoga is union: with self and with others. But it begins with you.
Living from your heart and feeling peaceful does not mean living secluded away in a
cave on a mountaintop or being optimistically naïve, ignoring the realities of
humanity. Through the darkness, we can all do our part to strive to live a peaceful life
at our peak potential. When you shift your energy from your head to your heart, your
life – and the lives of those around you – will be enhanced. We all can step into our
light. We need to carry ourself from darkness into light and as we shine, it will
diminish darkness. Yoga rides you through this darkness by uplifting your spirit,
boosting your energy, and eliminating the negativity around you.
The good news is when you use Yoga to connect to your heart, that conscious choice
creates health for yourself and the world. Thus it is said and believed that Yoga
practitioners are the most open to learning how to live a heart-centered life.