Every individual must develop their relationship with the self to weave together the
threads of the body, mind, and soul. And, Yoga is a great form of self-care. It is about
healing the self through self-discovery and self-acceptance. It’s a transformational
practice that strengthens the life force within. It teaches us to overcome internal and
external obstacles that come with everyday life.
Self-care is the wellspring that supports the body’s natural, deeper processes, and
these processes help us find our balance, because, the truth is, our fundamentally
amazing bodies can be supported by using the most simple yet profound methods.
“Healthy living” is not always avoiding and denying! Actively engaging in right
choices, and the gratitude that comes from these right choices, brings about
abundant, joyful health, too. And one of these right choices is Yoga because Yoga
philosophy offers an unlikely source of inspiration.
We have brought for you some exclusive self-care lessons that a regular Yoga practice
and meditation teaches:
1. Let It Go!
In every yoga stretch or pose that a person practices, there is a limit to what
we can control. Similar is the case with our minds and brains – We cannot
control everything which is going around you! In Yoga, we learn to let things
go, and that there’s no use in forcing ourselves on things beyond our ability.

2. Listen to your Body – It’s important!
In this fast pacing era, we often try to push things a little too hard. The same
holds true for Yoga – the stretching we do while practicing. As a consequence,
we tend to feel the pain till a lot later. Forcing your body into a pose which it is
not ready for can result in muscle strains, tears, or injuries that set us back
even further. That’s why in Yoga we learn to listen to and respect our bodies
and their limitations.

3. Be Kind to yourself!
Yoga teaches us to treat ourselves with kindness. This means to leave the
negative, self-critical talk out of the yoga practice session and to only bring
open-mindedness and self-care onto the Yoga mats, which quickly translates
into positive encouragement and knowing when enough is enough.

4. Negative Criticism is Vain!
Re-thinking about your past failures and disappointments doesn’t lead
anywhere. It doesn’t create a positive change. Never! And we learn this while
practicing Yoga. Just because you struggle with a pose, doesn’t mean you had
a “bad” practice. Each Yoga session brings out a different version of you, and it
is important to visualize this new personality emerging out of you. You need to
reflect on it and take it as a sign that your body is trying to teach you

5. Realize and Appreciate your Strength!
Appreciation is the front wheel of self-care!

We often ignore and underestimate the power and strength of our own body.
We don’t give ourselves enough credit that we should supposedly be giving.
Once you start Yoga, you practice difficult poses every day when you actually
realize and get surprised with how much flexibility your body adapts to it and
enjoys it. You need to appreciate yourself then, as it is a very important aspect
of self-care.